Comment on Basic rules of trading

Gursharan commented on 04 Jul 2020, 04:29 PM

Shaurya, you got it right. That’s what lot of ‘successful’ traders do – become brokers or advisors or trainers/coaches or portfolio managers. Because they all know that the real game is not in trading, but into making money from those who aspire to trade/invest.
In their tutorial literature/videos – they will tell us DOs and DONTs”. But they won’t tell us that even if you get good amount of DOs right – you might still not make much money. They won’t tell you how exhausting it can be to get DOs right.
Making money from trading alone for a life-time is not impossible. But it’s too much grind. That’s why eventually many successful traders become advisors/brokers. I like Zerodha folks a lot. But even these honest folks won’t tell you the real reason they gave up (or reduced) trading on personal basis.

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