Comment on Basic rules of trading

Grv commented on 03 Jul 2020, 01:42 AM

Now a days everybody seems to get rich quick, everybody is jumping into trading. Nobody seems to interested in mutual fund SIP/long term investing. On asking them reason they say Mutual fund don’t give stellar return, I seriously doubt whether they are in market just for thrill or creating wealth. Discount brokerages has opened the flood gates, now everyone is attracted to trading. In the beginning of this article it is mentioned that less than 1% are successful, still everyone in this discussion thread wants to do trading rather than investing. Reason behind all this chaos is false hope that is being fed to public that you can be successful, but the reality is otherwise. Just think about it why every so called consistent successful traders has started giving seminars, started online tips/blogs and even smarter and having access to capital started brokerage firms when they were so successful in trading in the first place. Why big companies are struggling for just 10 to 16 % ROE when they can earn more than 24% in trading, they should shut factories and start algo trading after all they have best brains and huge capital.

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