Comment on Basic rules of trading

Jayesh Mehta commented on 02 Jul 2020, 09:42 AM

One of the finest articles that I have read on stock markets in recent times. It is well-structured and talks about the real issues that traders face. Some of the issues are faced even by the most seasoned traders. The links that you have given are very useful. It would have been better if they open in a ‘new tab’ by default. I have read around 10 books and more than 500 articles on the stock market, have read even the classics such as Nicholas Darvas-How I made $ 2 million in the stock market, but when it comes to actual trading on the platform everything that the wise and the experienced told vanishes and we succumb to our wavering emotions. That’s the reason for all our losses. When I look back most of my trades where correct. I made a loss because I didn’t stick to the plan. Sold early or sold too late. I traded for around 7 years and then I quit. I have a decent job now. But I still regret quitting markets. I still hold two Demat accounts. I wish I could trade back. I was working when I read the mail and saw this article. Couldn’t to myself to read it. I was once a compulsive trader.

Anyways, Thanks Nithin for a wonderful read and for the best Indian company in this space.

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