Comment on Introducing instant GTT on equity buys

Pradeep Kotecha commented on 27 Jun 2020, 10:27 AM

Dear Nitin Sir,

Option Question ?

if i Place GTT Order Buy side and also Place Sell Side GTT Order (Same Strike Price) so sell order act as a square off or Place Fresh Sell order.

Example :-

if i suppose Place GTT Order In option BANKNIFTY2NDJULY22000CE Strike Price Currently Traded Rs. 319.75 I wanna Buy @466 so I Placed GTT order and at the same I wanna Sell @472 so i placed Sell GTT Order From Order Tab.

This GTT I Place From Zerodha Order tab Where We can Place GTT any time Before or After Market.

Question is once Price cross 472 it will Square off my position or Place New Sale order?

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