Comment on Basic rules of trading

Geetha Sampath commented on 27 Jun 2020, 12:33 AM

As stated by Mr Nitin day trading is not an easy job. If you can dedicate yourself fully, then only you can make some money. My sincere advice to retail traders is ‘DON’t’ tarde on intraday. Out of my own experience only I am saying this. For example, even after having 3 years of experience, after knowing the exact level of support and resistence, if we take a trade, suddenly the big institutions/traders will enter and SELL at ‘Support Level’ and make all the retail investers blink their eyes, as to what is going on, on the screen and before opening their eyes the retail investors would have lost their entire capital in a fraction of a second. Instead of intra day trading, we, the retail/small traders, may safely deposit the money in a bank/Post Office FD or invest in good stocks/mutual funds. You will get better returns. Intra day trading will only make your brokers, exchange, depositories and Government, rich. Because of the recent hike in charges and commission. Any Comments on this post is Welcome

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