Comment on Basic rules of trading

Ashwini Toppo commented on 26 Jun 2020, 02:38 PM

It is a very interesting article. It has grain of truth. Very few people make money in the stock market and also very few earn a living from stock. I am a beginner but fast learner and avid reader and with good analytical skills. First thing, I am taking stock market not as a hobby but as a profession. And I want to make a living from this. These are my observation. Stock market wants full attention it can’t be taken as a hobby or side job. Secondly each person has a style – as a stock trader we have to find that style which is in sync with our personality and helps us win. Analysis of all success and failure is key in making profit. We do make mistakes so it is important to have spare cash which can be mobilized to save the invested capital. As I said I am new in this game – but going is so far so good. I have a feeling that on consist basis I can make more money here than anywhere else. And I am betting on this.

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