Comment on Z5 - Intro to our HTML5 Trading Platform

Vivek Mathur commented on 10 Dec 2014, 09:37 AM


I am bringing to your attention that I am facing issues with fund transfers as well. It has happened more than a couple of times (2wice in the last 2 days). Funds have been debited from my account in the bank and dont show up in my Zerodha account. Then I have to send mails and screenshots and after a day the money shows up.

So basically this is a perfect storm – I want to trade, I move money – it fails, I have to wait for day – then the money comes, I try to trade and your systems are sporadic. in the meantime, the moment has passed and the opportunity does not exist anymore.

Terrible experience – been a mistake to open an account with Zerodha. Its time to move on for me………….i would rather pay a little more for brokerage than to have to deal with this on a daily basis.

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