Comment on Introducing e-Mandates – Now fund your SIPs automatically

SachinB commented on 21 Jun 2020, 12:44 PM

Most of my questions answered from the posts of other users. But still some specific questions. Appreciate quick responses:

1. If I need to create a new SIP or increase the amount of an existing SIP, how to increase the amount in scheduled transactions? Only see the option “Delete Schedule”.
2. Do I need to delete the existing schedule and create a new schedule with total increased amount?
3. Or do I need to just create a new schedule for the difference of increased amount and it will work?
4. Please confirm, In second above, there will be single transaction fee and in third above, two transaction fee.
5. If I schedule NEFT transfer from my registered account to Zerodha HDFC account, can this also be used to service my existing and future SIPs? And this would not incur any transaction fee?

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