Comment on Margins on Kite order window

KANNAN M commented on 11 Jun 2020, 04:40 PM

Thanks I yet to check the new feature support
Below are my opinion which are mostly required improvement in GUI and user friendly front

1. Watch list addition any number(>5) as required by us
2. Self updating % ascending or descending in script watch list during market price movement
3. Drop down or popup windows are stand still view, it hid background , only when we double click it supposed to be else it should be hidden because it occupies space and wait for one more action (click) from user.
4. color and contrast customization
5. when we roll over script on watch list the B S ,market depth etc hiding the script in total, so it could be transparent or small

6 . watch-list setting could be expressed by button or switches by default not of complex grouping separately and required selection (only customization required attributes to be given choice) .
7. bse /nse switch in order form
stop loss in any simple way or preset for total profile if any script crossing the loss shall be alerted user

Hope this requirements are in-line with every one ‘s implied demand

Kindly consider for user friendliness and expedite trading movement

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