Comment on Mandatory TOTP for illiquid risky contracts

SKtyagi commented on 10 Jun 2020, 02:17 PM

Dear Matti,
I have a few suggestions if you like to implement:

1. Instead of forcing a new thing, better to make it optional, a choice whichever a trader like, can choose. Like Tradingview charts or chartIQ. Give users a choice between 2FA authentication or PIN or TOTP, or any two or three.

2. The price change can be viewed as in percentage or absolute terms, why not both?? Some traders may have fullHD or UHD/4k display. Let them see more info on the screen. Small change is required, checkbox instead of radial button.

3. Give option to save charts layout, and option to display more than 4 charts.

4. Either give full access to tradingview charts, or implement more features from there to chartIQ.

5. Only 2 ticker prices r shown on top, give option for more, who have more space.

Enough for now.

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