Comment on Mandatory TOTP for illiquid risky contracts

Srikant commented on 10 Jun 2020, 01:43 PM

I filled the form and requested a time slot in the next 30 mins (hope someone responds).

By the way, I can place the same weekly 11000CE with the other broker, there isn’t any trouble by exchange OI limits for them!

Why Zerodha do this?
I hate to use the crappy interface of other brokers, but nevertheless they do one basic thing right, they provide the client the freedom to exercise any exchange-listed script.

For instance, tomorrow’s weekly expiry only 550 point bandwidth is allowed with Zerodha (9840-10400) on Nifty, do you want us to design our strategies based on your daily changing ranges?

Stopping phishing attacks by disabling the scripts altogether! This doesn’t even sound logical, and enforcing on the client who pays you, not a fair deal, not according to me!

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