Comment on Stock market scams everyone should be aware of

Gulshan Rai commented on 03 Jun 2020, 05:44 PM

Seems like you guys are actually the SCAM.
I have observed that web/mobile platforms execute additional order automatically which is very strange. I have observed this many times but ignored but when this happened again I thought I must ask you guys about it . It could be 2 things (a) its a software/platform glitch or (b) Zerodha is doing unethical practice. I would like to have a call from the support team regarding this issue. 
I have attached a screenshot and you can clearly see that there are two BUY orders within 3 seconds , the first order at 14:57:40 was requested by me but not the second one at 14:57:43. How it is possible to have a second order in next 3 seconds. 
I have noticed this several times and this is creating untrust. 

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