Comment on CDSL introduces PIN-based pre-authorisation for selling stocks

Krish commented on 01 Jun 2020, 04:25 PM

Hey Zerodha/Nithin, to reduce frustrations, one thing you could probably rework in your process is to handle the T-PIN thing (which some people are strangely confusing with Telephone Pin) when logging in itself. Just don’t wait till the CNC sell is placed. Or do that at the EOD.

Have a perma-link in both Console Dashboard & Profile pages, and Kite Dashboard & Holdings pages. Also add a POA status to the Console Profile page & instructions to submit/revoke POA there. Should help clear POA related questions. A link to CDSL to generate the T-PIN will also be welcomed by those who did not get the SMS or deleted it.

I don’t imagine it is a small change, but dare say it shouldn’t be a great challenge for you either. Should help reduce hot heads by a fair bit and should reduce the quantum of repetitive questions you get and alleviate some problems some users face.

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