Comment on Zerodha Email- Launch of algoZ commented on 26 Apr 2013, 11:12 AM

Sounds great, but once i create the script/code, I only get the option to edit it. There is no option to backtrace or live. Can you enable it if it needs to be enabled.

Also I need code for a simple strategy as shown below –

Basically i want to use heikin-ashi charts, so my close, open, low and
high are specified below —

HA-Close = (Open(0) + High(0) + Low(0) + Close(0)) / 4

HA-Open = (HA-Open(-1) + HA-Close(-1)) / 2

HA-High = Maximum of the High(0), HA-Open(0) or HA-Close(0)

HA-Low = Minimum of the Low(0), HA-Open(0) or HA-Close(0)

Buy —> If the close goes above highest close of last 4 candles then buy.

Sell —> If the close goes below lowest close of last 4 candles then sell.

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