Comment on CDSL introduces PIN-based pre-authorisation for selling stocks

NRI commented on 28 May 2020, 02:46 PM

I have been writing to NRI team but they have been evading my queries for a long time. I believe you alongwith the linked banks are involved in malpractices in case of NRO accounts. I am now escalating my complaint through this forum. You need to clarify about the questions I have asked you. You need to quote latest regulatory guidelines in case of conduct of NRO Bank linked trading accounts, not the antiquated and defunct guidelines to suit your purpose.You also need to be specific, there is no such thing as NRI account, NRI is a PERSON, not a bank account yet you confuse NRIs by quoting rules for NRI acconts. You need to quote specific rules which apply to NRO and NRE accounts. This has been going on for years and indeed many other brokers are involved in these practices but now it is a time for you to be honest and fix it.

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