Comment on CDSL introduces PIN-based pre-authorisation for selling stocks

NRI commented on 28 May 2020, 01:05 PM

What about the MALPRACTICES you are committing in case of NRI Customers? Even after RBI isssued a notification that NRO accounts will be deemed at par with RI accounts, you continue to misguide NRI customers in case of NRO linked trading account, e.g. you route NRO transctions through PIS route, in order to do that, you ask NRI cutomers to to compulsory open NRE PIS accounts, very cleverly sounding as if it was a regulatory requirement, where is it is a requirement created by YOU, NOT BY RBI, so that you can make more money in collusion with banks.Misguiding customers is illegal, unnecessary and is fraud. You promise NRI customers that you will open FnO account but you do not have any linkage to any CP, thus you are misselling your product.You refuse NRI to buy a banned script even in NRO account, lying that it is banned for NRIs, not is the case, ban only applies to NRE PIS accounts. The list of your lies is long.You are defrauding NRI customers by confusing them with the terms NRI, NRE and NRO. I have been writing to you from my account but you seem to ignore it, so now take this.

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