Comment on Z5 - Intro to our HTML5 Trading Platform

Prabhakar commented on 08 Dec 2014, 06:06 PM

Hi, Nithin, (my Ref: RP 1386)

Regret to inform you that I am totally disappointed with your support service none of them are able to solve or convince what exactly the problems are, I will try to explain below what exactly is the problem which I am facing particularly for the past one week. Please note the I do only intraday trading on future which means every time lost will tantamount to huge loss, Now who is going to bear the loss? You ——?

I know you have been sending messages that you are upgrading server for a better trading platform/faster/user friendly etc. As a result your support staff namely Sarika/Renuka/Prabhu/Shavni and finally Asma who all were time to time were in touch with me since Friday and did the same installation(uninstalltion) after taking control of My system.
Yet, today morning when I tried the Nest desk platform was not taking order/modify or cancel it. I tried and put all My efforts wasting all my time(cursing myself why I have taken your service- Pl note thi is not the first time this sort of experience) to contact your support staff , but I was not successful at all. Finally at 2.00 PM, I could get one of your staff I think Shavni, but she too tried /took control of My PC and did the same thing again,but nothing worked. After consulting your RMS team she came out with an excuse that the system will work after Market hours (Means that AMO placed gets cancelled automatically). whole day gone w/o any trading or with losses……
Now, as I am writing to you, the system is still not working what shoudl I do, incur further loss?
Who is going to bear all the losses for a person who does only intraday trading?
It is time for me go back to My old service provider if this persists.
Hope you will look in to the matter and resolve it immediately.
But losses—-?

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