Comment on On the Karvy Issue

Vinayak Magendrakar commented on 24 May 2020, 04:41 PM

Hi Nitin,

My father holds an equity investment of 3.5 Lakhs with Karvy.. he is unable to trade nor get his money due to ongoing issue of Karvy. I hold an demate account with Zerodha and I’m an active trader. Want your advise to understand the below.
1. Can I request for closure cum transfer with Karvy using DIS & CMR copy. If yes, how many days would it take a transfer.

2. Are transfer requests accepted and processed by Karvy to Zerodha currently?

3. Since Karvy demate account is on my Father’s name and Zerodha on my name, is transfer possible from my father’s karvy account to my Zerodha account?

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