Comment on ZT-Position Conversion

j karthikeyan commented on 07 Dec 2014, 08:18 PM

Dear Nithin sir,

My Zerodha Id is DK1097 and i need one clarification regarding Position conversion pls help me sir. For “position conversion” from intraday to delivery i.e. MIS to CNC., We need Sufficient Fund. This i understood.
i put u one scenario, please help me out sir.

Scenario: I “SHORT SELL” SBI, 200 qty at the rate of Rs.300 per stock (Intraday) , Product Type: MIS, i failed to buy back!! within 15.20hrs because the price is not favouring and i planned to convert the 200 qty as CNC.
and i already had some SBI stocks of about 200 Qty(CNC) in my demat account, that i purchased before 1 month back at the rate of Rs.280 per stock, My question to you is : After position conversion what’s the change in the price of the stock after converting the MIS 200 qty as CNC.( that is after conversion the price of the MIS to CNC converted stocks is changed as Rs.300 or Rs.280 or CMP rate at the time of conversion ) Pls clarify me sir.

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