Comment on How safe is it to trade with Zerodha? Recap

PRASHANT commented on 27 Apr 2020, 11:48 AM

There is one issue which i felt zerodha is cheating its customers. Margin required for option selling keeps changing every minutes. One day i sold index options at 12:30 pm. Even after selling options, margin available in my account was 9 lakhs. When i crossed check at 5 pm same day i saw that margin available was in negative. Means i was supposed to add more money to my account, that too about 5 lakhs. It was not possible for me to arrange so much money shortly. Next day i saw that zerodha has fined me for not maintaining sufficient fund balance. This is not fair. Keep fixed amount was margin required for option selling. Dont keep it changing. We cannot keep on tracking margin required every minute.

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