Comment on How safe is it to trade with Zerodha? Recap

Sajan jain commented on 26 Apr 2020, 01:56 AM

I request you to please solve the followings errors/problems
1. Zerodha kite can not be login in multiple system like a gmail id. So please enable this option as it will increase trading speed, escape from loss, remove many irritation.

2. Improve charting software both trading IQ and trading view.
(A) in trading view, we can not save our drawings like trend line etc. on the chart it self. I know that I can save drawings only for 10 stocks but it is too much irritating to open first chart then our drawing and if switch to chart for another stock then repeat whole process again. And if we switch chart for another stock and by mistake if we click on save botton while opening our saved drawing for this stock, whole study gets ruined.
So please enable saving our study on the chart itself for as many stocks as we want like in trading
In trading

(B) in trading Iq, we can save our study (trend line, indicators etc.), But there is much less customisation (settings) then trading view available on zerodha kite. And also there are less drawing tools than trading view.

(3) There is no facility to export data to excel.

(4) there is no facility to watch stocks details of nifty various indices simultaneously at a time like fifty stocks of nifty 50

I know that problem no. Third and fourth has solution in zerodha pi app but it useless as we can not access two trading platform simultaneously. If login one, the another will logout.

If possible please provide news headline (live), it will be very helpful

Please solve the above problems as soon as possible thank you

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