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B.Nageswara Rao commented on 07 Dec 2014, 06:30 AM

Dear Nithin Sir,

My account No.RN0499.

I am doing investment trading and day trading for the last 30 years, I resigned my job in2011 to do research in trading and earn my daily livelihood. For 2 years I was getting losses eventhough I was making profit trades everyday due to high commission. Some brokers are not sending contract letters everyday for me to understand what is happening. From the day-1 I have been making profits every day and withdrawing everyday for the daily household expenditure. I am grateful to you. Your 50-day challenge is cakewalk for me, because that is a must for my survival
I have been dealing with customer service of many banks and companies they are harsh sometimes and not understanding what I am talking.Only in the case of ICICI bank I am able interact with CEO. You are very humble and simple with customers, I sincerely appreciate you . I made a request to zerodha to code my algorithm*Algotrading) 5 monhs back.There was no redponse. Kindly expedite it to help me make more trades. I am forwarding my algorithm for your reference. It is aresult of 3years hard work. If it is done I will become a billioniore within 3 months. I have written a book “The last wonder-Univeral day trading model”and pubished as e-book throught the world. I am forwarding the book also. Now my fear is your employees may give my algo software to other clients without any benefit for me. I am hesitating to send mail to you for the last 3 months. In that case other trader may obstruct me in my trading. I request you to kindly take action sasfeguarding my interests. I do not mind not getting software for me.
B.Nageswara Rao

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