Comment on How safe is it to trade with Zerodha? Recap

Chandra Shekar commented on 24 Apr 2020, 09:55 PM

Hi Nithin Kamath,
I really enjoyed trading on Zerodha systems as you have built world class trading system. It might have taken lot of efforts from you to built this system. I traded on most of world trade platforms like TDAmeritrade , Etrade and Robinhood but nothing come close to this.
But due to recent Apr Crudeoil settling issue, I completely lost faith in brokers and Exchange. I know it’s exchange fault but ultimately retail investors will be penalized for this issue. There are so many people with negative balances of > 50 lacs. It’s hard earned money of retail investors similar to the hard work that you might put to built this system. So people might suicide if court ruling goes in favor of MCX. I am still hoping our legal system works correctly and MCX will be penalized.
My humble request to you , please don’t allow trading on faulty MCX system.
What happens if crude goes to -$100 or -$200? Who will pay the amount?
Please fight for the cause of all retail investors.

– Zerodha Trader

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