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A K Kaul commented on 23 Apr 2020, 05:06 PM

Mr. Nitin Kamath
Horrible experience yesterday. Refer Ticket No. 20200422189899
Spoke to somebody around 10 am today too.
When I could not buy 9900 call of 30APR yesterday as order was repeatedly cancelled, Margin page showed that trading could be done between 9000 to 9350 strikes only.
On phone today I was told that
1. Zerodha had to restrict trade range yesterday due to Brokers (Zerodha’s) market wise limit
Were your customers notified at all ??
YET order for 9500 CE had gone through.
Perhaps 9500 falls between 9000 and 9350 !!!
2. I must have placed IOC order for Apr Fut order today as it was rejected . On Pi platform, there is no option of IOC order in LIMIT ORDER box !!
Of course decent burial has been given to the whole thing by closing the Ticket stating, issue is closed after our conversation.
IS NO explanation necessary ??
I don’t think Covid is the reason …….. This benign anarchy shows some of your group doen’t give two hoots if things go well or how a problem is explained / addressed.
Wonder which way things are headed at ZERODHA
May I have saner explanation ???? ( Please see attachments to my complaint )

A K Kaul

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