Comment on Same day fund withdrawals & update on quarterly settlements

Kishen commented on 05 Apr 2020, 09:40 AM

Request refresh of Zerodha fund transfer policy mentioned in online help guides & FAQ’s

Can you please update the Zerodha online help guides & FAQ’s to reflect the current policy of Zerodha on withdrawal of funds through NEFT/RTGS/Any other. Not sure if they are dated or current as on date. Can you please put a last updated date/ time stamp on the help guides & FAQ’s & move the dates to the current date if there are no changes.

Could you please provide the following clarifications for withdrawal of unencumbered funds from Zerodha:

1. RBI as on Dec 2019 allows for 24x7x365 NEFT transfers. Does Zerodha follow the same if a request for withdrawal of unencumbered funds is placed on the Zerodha portal?

2. What is Zerodha’s preferred method of transfer for unencumbered funds showing as available for withdrawal – NEFT or RTGS or any other ? Since RTGS is not available 24x7x365 under what conditions will you be using RTGS?

3. Are there any charges from Zerodha for withdrawal or deposit of funds using NEFT or RTGS by Zerodha?

4. Currently Zerodha customers only get a message that the request for fund withdrawal has been successfully processed. Can you add the Transfer method and reference number for the transaction because without this information the message is of little value.

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