Comment on Introducing instant GTT on equity buys

Suta commented on 22 Mar 2020, 11:45 AM

Sir, I am more happier to have zerodha as my broker still I have one sincere request, pls. do not revise charges all of a sudden. Send notification atleast few days before revising any charges. I am saying this because I have noticed one revision on last thursday when Zerodha have revised the charges of MIS squire off as well as change of timing of squire off. I got notification around 3:13 pm and when tried to squire off (one position which was in mis due to technical reason) it was not working. So, it is evident that you have retrospectively revised charges for squire off. Though I have not found any deduction in the contact note for the same. by the way if the intention is to reduce the load then why don’t you change the timing of intradey squire off timing permanently to before 3 pm for trades below certain threshold say Rs. 10,000 or for stocks less than 5000 cr Mcap. There is no need to hike 2.5 times unnecesarrily. However at the same time for call and trade you need manpower so it is ok to increase but not justifiable for online trade below 1000 rupees (what if the trade was of less than 50 Rs. Just imagine, how wrong it is). Hope you will give importance to customers view in decision making process. Thanks.

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