Comment on Code your Technical Analysis strategy

Nithin Kamath commented on 25 Apr 2013, 12:01 PM


1. For the AMI plugin, you will have to get in touch with our partners Global data feeds, subscribe to live data from them and analyze/backtest it on amibroker.

2. AFL language would be different compared to what is available on algoZ. algoZ is simpler than AFL, but you will have to code this separately. We will be helping you understand how to write codes on algoZ in the tutorial section. These 2 are separate systems and can’t really be integrated for now.

3. The charting/programming will be available on your trading platform and you will get data by default. In the present beta version, we are giving 22 days intraday data and 1 yr daily historical chart. In the next version you will have 10 months data of intraday and historical to backtest from commencement.

Click here to know the details of the programming language .

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