Comment on Apply for IPOs using UPI

Ajay commented on 03 Mar 2020, 09:00 AM

Hi Team,

Can someone explain us how to apply for SBI cards in both categories that is shareholder and individual investor?????

Bcz once if u apply through individuals or shareholder category through zerodha UPi then we are unable to apply with other category. Say if we have applied through individual investor through UPI zerodha then we are not able to apply in shareholder category in zerodha UPI. It shows only to modify, if in case we modify it to shareholder category then entire bids will get modified as a shareholder category..
Pls let us know how to segregate our bids into both shareholder and individual investor category via UPI zerodha??

However, we can apply it via netbanking as a shareholder category, but I heard if we apply different applications from same demat account (via netbanking and UPI ) the IPO application will get rejected. Can some one clarify on this????

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