Comment on Stock market scams everyone should be aware of

L KAMALAKSH RAO commented on 11 Feb 2020, 02:07 PM

Useful news.
One more info.some ten ,twelve years ago,one of my dormant account was operated by a trader in the DP.Shocked at seeing a long list of trades which I had not done,for several days and tensed ,Ialerted the executive who immediately sacked the concerned fellow by name Pandu.
I was foolish enough not to have downloaded the entire list of trades ,mostly intraday,.Because by the time I relogged after my complaint ,the entire thing had disappeared.
Later I closed my account.
The fact is this DP is one of the highest ranked one in the country.
Nevertheless it is mandatory that small investors regularly log in ,at least once a week to ensure such things do not happen ,that is what I feel.

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