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hasina commented on 07 Feb 2020, 08:14 PM

great effort to bring in the referral programme really appreciated but there is no backing from the operation side to finalize and close such referrals i had referred 2 of my family members to zerodha who had no clue what it was, i had created a good image out of how i opened an account and how easy and user friendly trading is with zerodha.
i have mailed more than a couple of times to your incharge from bangalore (bidyut) to arrange for a pick of documents but the basic courtesy to respond to an email is lacking.
this happend to me when i tried opening account with ZERODHA almost 6 months back after lot of escalation and mails and followups i finally went through the ordeal and successfully opened the account.
the customer service standard remains a big ???
i need to followup if i open a ticket for a resolution when i got my shares transferred from ICICI to zerodha
after repeated mails i get a response after almost a week++
i guess without customer service nothing will seem a class apart , so i urge concerned team to step the efforts up and when you roll out a scheme referral or anything the backing from the support team is available.
people at zerodha should create that brand image, all big brands who made it to the top and have sustained thier position rely on great customer service.
its just a suggestion from my end, the rest is your call.

Hasina Mahmood

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