Comment on Introducing GTT – Good Till Triggered orders

Vivek Deveshwar commented on 05 Feb 2020, 01:20 PM

1. A DISABLE button on each GTT order shown in list will be really useful. This gives advantage of both having a position open when one is comfortable with price action, and quickly re-activate a disabled GTT order (with possibly updated price) when price action becomes risky to position.

2. Also, a DISABLE button will be very useful to deal with volatility at market open where illiquid scrips can be manipulated with wild swings down. Otherwise, people’s GTT sell orders may get hit only to see stock trading comfortably higher after the opening price ‘glitch’.

3. The other way to deal with wild swings at market open is to provide a blanket option to disable all GTT orders in first 5 minutes of market open at choice of user. For those who don’t use this open, their GTT orders will remain open always as is the situation now.

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