Comment on Introducing GTT – Good Till Triggered orders

Saurabh commented on 01 Feb 2020, 04:06 PM

This feature is good. What would have been even better if Zerodha had a ‘real’ 3-in-1 account collaboration with IDFC. The current collaboration with IDFC is limited to free instantaneous money transfers between IDFC and Zerodha’s trading account. Zerodha will not deduct the amount instantaneously from IDFC when a trade is executed. Which basically means, for a GTT order, I will have to keep the money in my trading account.

Traditionally, all 3-in-1 accounts by full-service brokers provide seamless credit and debit from savings account and trading account. Among discount brokers, I find the collaboration between Upstox and Indusind better in this regard. They have this smart transfer feature. You keep the fund in your savings account, and when a trade is executed in Upstox the money gets automatically debited from the IndusInd savings account.

However, the way GTT feature has been thought of and implemented is brilliant. Just that a true 3-in-1 collaboration with a bank would have been even better.

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