Comment on Market Watch & Trading Screen

OM PRAKASH VERMA commented on 26 Jan 2020, 01:10 PM

Dear Nitin ,
I am a senior citizen and still have fire to trade in stocks. I was quite content with KITE , but it has limitatations , particularly only 5 watches only with 50 stocks. So I downloaded Pi only last week ,thinking it might help.
But I have encountered some problems with Pi too.:-
1. I created 2 market watches but I do not see any option to save the watch, nor does it ask wether to save watches when I exit. I am still reading as many threads and guide lines to get my answers . I have taken a screen shot of what I have on Pi and would want to send it to you. It is not same and does not show options what you describe in your guide. Currently I would like to know :- How do I save the watch which I have created . 2. How many watches can Icreate; and how many stcks in each watch. Normally one would like to create watch as per sector , say Pharma , chemicals Cement , Metals so that you can access the stocks much faster. In a Khichadi watch system one tend to forget where have I listed my stock especially me being an old man. But I would but even younger lot would want well segregated watches ?

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