Comment on Intraday leverages reduced across the board

Shivansh Tripathi commented on 07 Jan 2020, 08:14 PM

Hello Nithin sir

1. As there will be no difference between intraday and positional in fno as same margins are required suppose I did some intraday trades and trade goes against me and to cover my losses I can even carry those position overnight and we all know overnight positions have unlimited risk.
2. Due to all these damn rules most of the retail traders moves toward options and we all know all of them loss their Capital
3. If u want to make changes apply in a decent manner either u can change leverage to 10x and slowly change the leverage so that market and retail with adjust to it…
4.Every rule government make is for people benefit but the way it implemented is a disaster for people.

retail trade will always suffer if they did not have knowledge but someone other groups are also suffering who had did their best to understand the marker….

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