Comment on Uniform Stamp Duty

Ankit commented on 07 Jan 2020, 08:04 PM

Example, how useful this can be—

Intraday equity BO for stock “A”

Buy “A” @1500
SL=5, target=40, TrailingSL=10, NO FACILITY to trail SL only once.

As “A” moves to 1510, SL will trail to 1505.
As “A” moves to 1520, SL will trail to 1515.
“A” retraces to 1515, SL is hit.
“A” resumes upward journey to 1540.

On the other hand if the SL only trailed ONCE till 1505. Full profit would be achieved.

In short, I know what I am asking for.

Waiting for reply…

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