Comment on Uniform Stamp Duty

Ankit commented on 07 Jan 2020, 07:42 PM

Well, Reasons it would add immense value—

-I am sure you understand that stock movement is not linear. Stock fluctuates, hits SL and then resumes.

-Many times I would like my SL to trail only ONCE till cost price and not again.

-Too much trailing will increase the chances to hit SL.

-But it is crutial for me to trail SL till the cost price so that I don’t book unnecessary loss.

-With all due respect, by saying that SL is trailing in my direction, you are assuming that stock movement is linear ALL the way.

– In short, I am really waiting for this feature and I am confident that many traders would like it. Certainly this would add another feather in your cap.

Kindly introduce either of these-
1) Number of times SL will trail.
2) Stock price till which SL will trail and not beyond.

Please rest assured that this feature would add value. If you are still not sure, I can write an example about how this feature can make life easier.

You already got at least one user who would use this feature if it sees light of the day.

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