Comment on Intraday leverages reduced across the board

mohan commented on 07 Jan 2020, 05:44 AM

u right brother.
i don’t think these stupid sebi officials have brain to think out of box solution for their own policy failure. before i enter into a trade i know much i’m gonna take risk and how much profit i could expect if it goes on my way. i don’t enter into a trade without this calculation. i hope all experienced traders do the same. in this case why sebi is worrying about us?. if anyone doesn’t know what is market, pls stop coming in.
And if newbies not in market big guys can’t make good money. this is also truth.
5% traders earning money consecutively which directly come from 95% traders pocket who lost it.
if they want to protect investors or market participants, pls do the following things
1.they have to make all auditors must be accountable.
2.all the company promoters must not pledge more than 50% their shares.
3.stop inside trading or if it happens put heavy penalty like SEC.
4.stop weekly options expiry segments to reduce volatility in the market.
i’m sure they don’t do it cuz they get benefited from big guys. those sum, they can’t earn as salary for their life time.

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