Comment on Intraday leverages reduced across the board

Ganes commented on 05 Jan 2020, 01:30 PM

1.SEBI is not fool it safe guard the interest of retail traders and investors.
Glenmark if you watch the company financial sheets you would notice that company performing very well and and continuously in second position for making profit. Debt is ok-ok but due to a bad news which was not big issue it was beaten down to 580 to 270 levels with 4 months. Who did that option put seller and operators. the volume was significantly high that period. on November 18 2019 it run 23% approx Positive review from the CLSA that day most of the seller was destroyed and the stock stable at the area of 328 to 355 level after that falling was stopped.
I know someone kick the bad operators out from the stock. This Is manipulations and Investors Stuck In a stock for year.
2. Zee case was the same one day Drop of approx 150 points in one day . See this create problem for the market to stuck at point and believe me dark day for investor.

3. Those company who don’t have options and futures they run like bullet train.
Example :- HEG FROM 70 TO 4800 RS WITH IN 3 YEARS Tax free money.
Graphite 90 to 700 Within 8 months
IB ventures 18 rs to 800 rs within 2.5 years
4. Those who have future and options like DHFL from 600 to 18 rs
4. SEBI SHOULD NOT BAN intrady leverage or intraday but Should Completely BAN Options and Futures because this are the tools of manipulations and Gambling.
Stock cash market is not pure gambling..
that why your S/L hit too much sudden spikes and failure of patterns.

thank you.

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