Comment on ZT Installation (if already using NEST)

Hanan commented on 03 Dec 2014, 08:03 PM

I think you’ve kind of misunderstood how the margin system works on Zerodha Trader. We have various orders types on ZT which includes MIS, CO, and BO through which you get to pay very little margin for entering positions. You have to check out to understand the kind of margins that are available for you. 🙂 I’m sure you won’t be disappointed as it is way above what was available for NOW.

If you’re unable to install and use Nest Charts, please read on. If this doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to call our support number.

Installation Instructions:
1. Download Nest Charts ( from our Downloads page, unzip the folder, open the folder and copy all the contents of the folder.
2. Go to C://Program Files/Omnesys/NEST3 or C://Program Files(x86)/Omnesys/NEST3 and paste all the copied contents into it.
3. While pasting the copied files, you will get a prompt “Confirm Folder Replace” for which you have to choose “Do this for all current items” and click on Yes.
4. Once you’ve clicked Yes, another prompt to Copy File would popup for which you have to tick “Do this for all conflicts” and then select the Copy and Replace option.

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