Comment on Intraday leverages reduced across the board

Profit commented on 04 Jan 2020, 12:24 AM

yes.. As far i have seen in TV or in news Nitin is the only one supporting this move from SEBI..May be it is cutting down competition who are giving margin excess..Too much margin might be bad but now what SEBI is suggesting is over killing..I like NItin and Zerodha a lot and watch all his interviews and use to think that he is very knowledgeable and championing retail investors cause in the market but to see him on TV and supporting this move is very frustrating..
He is in SEBI board for advise or in some position to advise i request him to reason with SEBI against this move..
I think we need to support the brokers who are voicing against this move even though margin will be same across all brokers in future..

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