Comment on On the Karvy Issue

Aravind Pai commented on 31 Dec 2019, 02:48 PM

You asked to buy the shares at the market price, and your order was executed as per your instruction. I don’t see how Zerodha has cheated you here. If you want to buy the shares at a specific price, then place an order with that price. AMO doesn’t mean the order will be placed at the previous day’s closing price. By the way, this is how any broker would treat an order placed at market price (AMO or otherwise), there’s nothing different Zerodha has done or needs to do here.

It is not Zerodha’s fault that you don’t understand what you are doing. It is fine, everyone makes mistakes and learns. I suggest that you take some time to understand the entire flow, right from the time you place an order on the trading platform (Zerodha or any other) until the shares are delivered in your demat account. Complaining to BSE and SEBI will only make you look foolish.

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