Comment on Introducing 20 depth or level 3 data on Kite

Yeshwant Rao commented on 31 Dec 2019, 01:01 PM

Sorry I’m posting a message unrelated to the 20 mkt depth.
This is very simple request, which I have put forward several times over mail/phone with no positive solution.
I use ADX/DMI family of indicators a lot. My simple request is that in Pi charts the colour of DI Minus should be Red. The Di Plus is Green already, which is correct. Only DI Minus in your system is in Blue instead of Red. There is no provision to change the colour too. In the mobile Kite you have given the correct colours (Red for DI – and Green DI+).
This change of DI minus into Red would save me lot of time. I trade only in commodities and currencies.
Thanks for your time.

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