Comment on Strategies with Liquid Options only

Abid commented on 17 Dec 2019, 10:01 AM

Hi Dhyan, you can know more about it here:

Sensibull is India’s first and largest Options Trading Platform. We made Sensibull to make small traders like you and us win in stock markets.

Options trading has more profit potential than stocks, mutual funds, intraday trading, etc. You can trade options with small losses – which means trading with peace of mind. Options can make money when markets go up or down.

We built a simple, super-fast trading software for beginners and experts. Here is what you get:

If you are a beginner you can trade by just saying if the market is up down or neutral

Free advisory service by trusted experts with good profits and small losses –

Practice futures and options trading without real money –

Set real-time price and P&L alerts on Whatsapp –

Tell us a stock’s direction, we tell you the best option strategy to trade –

Create custom strategies to trade your view and visualize the P&L –

Track your positions and do scenario analysis of your trades –

Get great trading opportunities with advanced tools like Option chain, FII data, Open Interest, IV, IVP etc

Become an expert with free education in Hindi and English-

Watch a 4-minute demo video here –

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