Comment on Introducing 20 depth or level 3 data on Kite

Vikash commented on 10 Dec 2019, 04:04 PM

Good feature for whoever uses this. However I feel a trading ladder should be offered with the ability to view traded quantity at a price and standing bids/offers in RT, this not only shows market depth but other important information as well.

Some of the charting tools I would like on kite are
1. Trading from the chart
2. Volume based indicators like volume delta and Volume profile (with buy x sell information)
3. Market profile
4. Time independent range bars with volume (range bars should never be time dependent) – emphasis on range
5. Time independent renko bars with volume (renko bars should never be time dependent) – emphasis on brick size
6. Time independent fixed volume candles (just like range bars but instead of price range as input these have fixed volume as input) – emphasis on volume
7. Order flow charts

These are some of the tools I used as a prop trader on various platforms, if these tools are available to the retail investor then they will better equipped to make a decision.

Personally I would pay a premium for the above mentioned features and a lot of my trading colleagues would also be willing to do the same but I don’t think I will be comfortable doing the same for the level 3 depth feature. Interesting thing is exchange provides the data that is required to calculate and show these on the chart RT.

RT= Real Time

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