Comment on On the Karvy Issue

Ram commented on 23 Nov 2019, 11:05 PM

Zerodha is my kinda fist broker. Varsity is my first and base source of capital market knowledge. My assumption is that a sizeable chunk of zerodha’s clients are like me.
I still, and planning to for a foreseeable future, trust zerodha and also referring my friends towards it.
However, when ever an issue pops up, Nithin comes up with a clean, “it could never happen with us”, explanation. The first thing I learnt in stock markets is “never say never”. We can only mitigate the risk.
The funny things is, most of the people who are satisfied with the explanation have zero to little understanding in capital markets prior to zerodha, and their base source of knowledge is Varsity and also the letter itself in the z-connect. By reading the z-connect newsletters we folks become more smarter and start taking risk to the next level.
While we all want to have the hero from grass root level, we often forget how much struggle one had to undergo from the existing toppers, to reach that level, especially when the size of pi itself is small.
Until the day I come across that story about zerodha, I can never understand this “never to us” explanations.
I maybe and wish to be wrong.

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