Comment on Best retail brokerage firm 2019 by NSE & other updates

Harshajyoti Das commented on 11 Nov 2019, 02:15 PM

I have used Zerodha but due to technical glitches I have shifted to other brokers. I tried 3-4 other brokers and now I am back with Zerodha.

Reason – Other brokers are even worse than Zerodha.

Some brokers will take 10-20 days to reply to your support ticker. And even after that, they wouldn’t answer it properly. Can you imagine that? Zerodha does it within 24 hours and that too with accuracy and consistency.

Yes, there will be technical glitches from time to time but Zerodha has been super active to resolve them and their customer service is top-notched (as compared to other brokers).

They are constantly innovating with their technology be it coin, smallcase, console, sensibull, streak etc.

Reporting is so much important. It’s hell lot of work if reporting is not done right. Zerodha makes sure to send contract notes like clockwork without delay. Taxation has been simplified with some quality reports from console.

What else can I ask for?

Congrats and thank you Zerodha for being the best retail brokerage firm in India

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