Comment on Introducing 20 depth or level 3 data on Kite

neeraj commented on 01 Nov 2019, 11:53 AM

Good feature. But 20 depth with Rs. 0.05 for every entry in that bid/offer list means Rs.2 deep which is not very useful. IMHO it does not make much of a difference.

If you are planning to offer it as a premium feature in future (with price to be paid by the user), then I would suggest (subject to technical feasibility) grouping all the bid counts in Rs.1 (i.e., like for e.g. 11870.05 to 11870.95 for nifty) and show the total bid and offer count for that range. This would be more useful for us as we will come to know a much greater depth of Rs.20. This would enable us to find the nearby support and resistances much better.


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