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Sachin commented on 31 Oct 2019, 11:16 AM

Dear Nithin and Zerodha team,
Its a really good, easy and evolving platform.
I have been giving feedback / raising concerns over different topics through the tickets.
Some good features just get lost in the communication with the customer care representatives who may not understand the seriousness/importance of those features.
One such feature is having distinct positions for each stock per order.

The current problems:
1) suppose I put a LONG position for stock ABC for N quantity and another SHORT position for same stock for same quantity, the platform doesn’t show me any change in the positions tab (due to buy/sell cancellation in the algorithm it seems). This is really really bad experience.
customer care team is suggesting me to put another type of order or different quantity.
Why do I need to do that? To hide your bugs?

2) another case is where we put multiple (bracket) orders for a stock.
The position tab shows a consolidated profit/loss which in a way is good for overall understanding.
Active orders and completed orders are also included in this.
But personally I am more interested in whats happening to my individual orders and their own profit/loss. This can also help me in managing my individual orders and take a correct decision.

I request you to look into these seriously and help in implementing them.

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