Comment on Introducing the Kite 3 mobile app

M Alam commented on 28 Oct 2019, 03:28 PM

Hello Sir, Can we have indicator on Kite chart as thick (bold) or dashed line? Presently it shows as a thin line only. I have been Zerodha user for a long time. As i came to know that Zerodha is focussing on Kite alone,leaving aside Pi chart and nest, First time, I thought to look at Kite charts. Normally I open charts on amibroker from data taken from Zerodha Nest trader. Very often I go through a lot of troubles opening these charts. After looking at Kite chart I was really surprised to see a lot of similarity with amibroker charts. Kite seems to have almost all features one looks for a chart technical analysis along with an array of all standard indicators. PLus like amibroker I was also able to open many charts in tabs for intraday purpose – such as 5min 15min ihr etc.
Only real problem I faced is to to identify different indicators I put on charts .. as just color difference is not enough.
I WISH Only If zerodha could add in indicator setting feature like drawing Bold (thick) line, dashed line and both bold and dashed line (aong with 2 more line plus dot and thick line plus dot) then it would be perfect for our purpose. In fact, zerodha can say that users dont need amibroker or ninjatrader for chart TA as it has everything there and one can work around with more ease.

One thing more, normally we also need to add indicator on indicator e.g. on rsi we put an ma of 3 persiod which acts as signal line. Can it be possible on Kite chart?

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