Comment on Updates – October 2019

vijay sinha commented on 09 Oct 2019, 09:37 PM

I do not know what has happened to the data regarding my Holdings. About half of them are showing “Avg Cost” as 0.0 There was valid data shown earlier and now it has become 0.0 I see that this only happens when I had completely sold off a holding. Now when a fresh purchase has been made in the holding, Kite/Console is behaving in this crazy manner. Just show the value of the fresh/new buy please. I have not made a trade in these shares for more than a year, after having completely sold them off. Yet, now in the past 2 months, any fresh purchase of these shares does not show the cost of the fresh buy.

Please allow to fix the value by uploading excel with list of trades. Best would be to allow a direct fix by choosing to fill in automatically from Tradebook the previous 365 days trades only, please.

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